1924 E Illuminations Electric Fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair

Now With Energy Saving Low Wattage LED Lights! The Illuminations Electric Fireplace is a breakthrough product which features an eclectic fusion of organic mediums: translucent calcite stone, bee’s wax, sand or glass and magnetic impulse flame technology that leads the viewer to an inevitable conclusion - an Interior Decorator has just transformed a room with an exquisitely proportioned panoramic single-sided or see-through fireplace with a stunning collection of glowing stone, frosted and wax sleeve candelabras.

However, these are not real fireplaces, and these are not real candles. They are the Illuminations Electric Fireplaces by Fireplace Xtrordinair. The warm soothing candle flames appear to gently bend and flicker to an invisible draft. This movement is actually created through a Patented electronic devise that creates a magnetic impulse in an electronic switch circuit which is transferred to the " Flame " pendulum causing it to move independently of the other "Candles" in the fireplace. The contour shape and feathered coloration of the "Flame" pendulum appears as an almost perfect imitation of a candle flame. The fireplace gives you the choice of frosted, beeswax or Calcite stone sleeves. You also have the option of adding one of three designer interiors.