Pellet Stoves

All St. Croix corn stoves will also burn pellets with little to no conversion to them.

The Avalon Astoria will burn a 50/50 mix of corn and pellets.

The Europa Greenfire will burn straight pellets, corn or wheat.

Ask us today which stove is right for burn the fuel YOU want to burn TODAY and in the FUTURE.

Afton Bay by St. Croix

Afton Bay features the popular bay window view of its fire. It also features a full pedestal ash drawer and ...
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Hastings by St. Croix

Hastings brings to life the rich traditions of the cast iron wood stoves, but it's uniquely designed to burn economical ...
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Prescott EXL by St. Croix

Prescott EXL features a classic wood stove design with artfully sculpted legs, traditional wood stove door, and belly pan ash ...
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Prescott EXP by St. Croix

Prescott EXP is the St. Croix standard-bearer featuring state-of-the-art advancements in pellet stove technology and a clean and straightforward design ...
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Astoria Stove by Avalon

Named for the historic Northwest port city at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, the Astoria!" is the ultimate ...
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Newport Stove by Avalon

Come home to the warmth of Avalon’s Newport Pellet Stove – today’s exceptional value in pellet heating technology. From its ...
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Arbor by Avalon

Beauty in Design and Function Once you've experienced the Avalon Arbor cast iron pellet stove, it's easy to see why ...
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Europa Multi-Fuel Stove by Dell-Point

The Europa is a multi-fuel stove with Greenfire technology inside. The first stove of its kind, the Europa burns natural ...
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