Europa Multi-Fuel Stove by Dell-Point

The Europa is a multi-fuel stove with Greenfire technology inside. The first stove of its kind, the Europa burns natural bioenergy materials like wood pellets, shelled corn and hulled wheat with an amazing 86% efficiency. With a battery backup system running on DC mechanics, this stove is also ready to take on winter's worst winter storms. Your family will stay warm even when there is no power.

In addition to heating efficiently, the Europa burns cleanly and it is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and received the lowest emissions rating of any certified non-catalytic product in EPA history... less than 0.6 grams per hour - 12.5 times below the allowable limit!

When you heat your home with the Europa multi-fuel stove, you burn renewable bioenergy materials like wood, corn and wheat and these fuels are affordable and readily available in North America.  In addition, these bioenergy fuels do not contribute to climate change.