PeroxyClear – hydrogen peroxide treatments


For home or residential uses of hydrogen peroxide, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) recommends Peroxy Clear. PeroxyClear, certified by the DNR & USDA as a home or residential drinking water treatment, can provide you and your family with a clean water supply and a clean bill of health.


Benefits of PeroxyClear drinking water treatment:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a natural substance found in the rain and snow. Even our own bodies manufacture it as the first line of defense for our immune system.
  • When PeroxyClear comes in contact with organic materials, it breaks down into only water and oxygen.
  • PeroxyClear cleans your water supply by reducing or eliminating high levels of Sulfur, Manganese (with filtration), Iron & Tannins (with filtration) & Iron Bacteria.
  • PeroxyClear does not cause a corroding effect on fittings and pumps like chlorine.
  • PeroxyClear can be accurately metered in the water line with a peristaltic (squeeze) pump.
  • PeroxyClear is acidic so the problems associated with chlorine, a natural alkaline do not exist.

Health Considerations for NOT using Chlorine

PeroxyClear is an economical and safe water treatment product. Dr. Joseph M. Price, MD demonstrated over 30 years ago the undeniable connection between the practice of chlorinating water supplies and the onset of arteriosclerosis which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Chlorine in water also reacts with other substances present to form such carcinogens as chloroform and assorted organic halides or halogens. Although we are being critical of chlorine use, until now there hasn't been an effective alternative. PeroxyClear is also an economical and safe product to use as a water line cleaner.

PeroxyClearcan also be used for livestock and poultry applications where drinking water supplies are shared with workers.